Getting to Know Your New Home & Neighbors

Sean Dunn March 9, 2012

Moving to a new home gives you an opportunity to redefine yourself and a chance to make new friends. Getting to know neighbors can be time-consuming, but is completely worthwhile since neighbors help one another out and keep track of the neighborhood comings and goings and can even share a smile when you are feeling down. A good neighbor literally can make your world a better place.

Once you've gotten a bit acquainted with your new home, get to know the block better by taking a walk along your street. You are sure to meet a few neighbors who are curious about you within a few minutes. Over a few days, your walks will encourage even more people to come out and meet you and soon you will be one of the "regulars." Find out as much as can about your neighborhood's "flavor" by asking open-ended questions and listening to the answers.

After you've established yourself, find a time to invite your new friends over. Keep it simple with regard to decor and party preparations and host a get-to-know-you gathering or even a BBQ for your neighbors. Play group games such as 20 questions to discover hobbies and occupations or have a funny story contest. You may find out unique ways to get involved in your local community or that you have a lot in common with the man six doors down the street. Regardless of what is revealed through conversation and group interaction, you will feel more at home once you've shared a part of your life with your new neighbors and you'll have contributed to creating a better community.  If you want to learn more about places and news, share an idea, or just "be a better neighbor" in your community, logon to

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